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Sep 16, 2013
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Between here and there...
Today is the 4th anniversary of me waking up in the ER after being brought back from the other side. Four years ago my mods got a message that began "Greetings from my local hospital, room 321."

My life changed radically that day. I've been tethered to an oxygen machine ever since. The "flu" that caused the scarring of my lungs was a flu that was monitored closely for a year...until Covid hit a year later. At the time, I said I thought it was something out of a lab. I still maintain that may be so and I'm still suspicious of how it had so many Covid like qualities a year before the first wave began. No matter what it was, it did totally change how I now live.

I want to thank all of you for your support over these years of ups and downs, good days and bad. Having the forum family gives me the will to keep on kicking! Your prayers are felt, and the healing energy you guys send is always a boost better than some of my meds!

The biggest take away from all of this is how I have grown deeper in Spirit since waking up. My NDE totally changed how I see the world and the afterlife. And yes, there is one. It also sent me full revisit to my faith as a child, with a deeper understanding and appreciation of all that entails.

So, I can say that even though this change in my body can be seen as bad, I look at it as a gift. It slowed me down and allowed me to look deeper within. And the mysteries and wonder I've found in there are quite important. Thank you and God bless you all for being part of this journey I'm on!
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This forum and the experiences within have changed my views of many things. Thank you Debi for having this place for people to grow, reflect, share and learn of these subjects. I agree with you about Covid as i am convinced i had a brush with it years before it was known cause the doctor had no clue to what it was.. I have never been that sick till then or ever since.
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