Ghost Radio w/Chris Moon


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Feb 8, 2016
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Christopher Moon had his first paranormal experience at the age of seven. Daily occurrences from that time on included objects disappearing and reappearing; doors opening and closing on their own fruition, strange shadows and light anomalies, and nightly haunted sonnets on the family's one-hundred-year-old grand piano. He also discovered that he had a definite psychic/medium sense, and began traveling on his life journey doing remedial paranormal investigations at a mere 13 years of age.

A musician by trade, Christopher spent many years playing in and touring with Rock and Metal bands. Eventually, his interest in the paranormal overtook his passion for music, and Christopher chose to become a full-time professional investigator. Wanting the paranormal community and general public to become aware of what he had known for years, that the paranormal existed and could be documented, he partnered with his father, a devout skeptic, in developing a magazine that would represent a truly balanced view of the subject. Consequently, Haunted Times Magazine was born in 2004 and is currently considered the largest and best paranormal magazine in the world, as voted by the International Paranormal Acknowledgement Committee.

While searching for magazine staff in 2004, Christopher was contacted by an engineer by trade, Frank Sumption, who claimed to have a device that allowed two-way audio communication with spirits. Skeptical, Christopher met with Mr. Sumption at his workshop for a demonstration. Christopher was astounded to find that the device that Frank Sumption had built was actually designed through the E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) of deceased scientists. It quickly became obvious to Christopher what Frank Sumption had done; he had completed the infamous Thomas Edison Telephone to the Dead. Frank graciously offered to give Christopher one of the machines to use in the field. He accepted, and first used the device while investigating the famous Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas. The machine worked flawlessly, and Christopher and his team collected real-time E.V.P. evidence directly from the spirits in the house. Christopher refers to this device at the Spirit Telephone. It is also referred to as The Telephone to the Dead, and most commonly, Frank's Box. No matter what the name, the device has become an invaluable tool in Christopher’s paranormal research.

On this episode of Beyond Reason, Justin brings on Chris to discuss his book, Ghost Box. They talk about how Chris got interested in writing the book, the different people he’s talked to on the Telephone to the Dead, his adventures in the paranormal, and so much more. Join us, you with open minds, and listen to an amazing episode!