There are some Indian Casinos not too far from me but I've never been to any. I used to go to a few nearby Indian Casinos when I was stationed in Texas, but the was 25+ years ago. My game was Blackjack and I was pretty decent. About 20%-30% of the time I would loose a bit or break about even, the other 70%-80% of the time I would 2X-3X my money. Lots of people gambling will say that they "have a system" for how they play with varying degrees of success. Well I had a system too, but mine was about how to manage my bets rather than the game play. Basically I kept track of how much I was winning vs how many hands I lost. Every 10-12 losing hands I would compare how much I won vs how much I lost in that time. I would then reset my "winning" number back to zero and keep a count of the next 10-12 loses. This helped to keep emotions out of it and treat the experience as a simple business accounting exercise, tracking profits and expenses at regular intervals.
Smart and exactly how it should be done if one is going to have this entertainment. Well said Steve.
I personally don't gamble other than an occasional football square or a lottery ticket. I am not against it, but I just don't enjoy losing my hard-earned money. No criticism to those who enjoy it and find entertainment in the endeavor, it is just not my thing. I believe in free will and people should be able to what they want responsibly. I am aware that these places bring a lot of troubles with them, but they also bring revenue, jobs and entertainment. I think it is good to have the freedom to choose what we want to do.
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