Forest Firefighter report

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    Sep 16, 2013
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    “I was firefighting in Mt. Hood in 2017, our base camp was in the middle of the woods. We had showers, kitchen staff, and access to portable restrooms with at least 500 personnel. We were fighting fire near a lake and park service that we needed to stay away from. Law enforcement was everywhere. I even saw black undercover vehicles. I wasn’t the only one and we were sure we weren’t the only fire crew out there. Weird thing was there were no insects, animals, no flies, I mean nothing but vegetation and trees. Our crew boss had told us they he had seen surveillance cameras hidden in trees and that there was something really strange going on and he was referring to government. I was a replacement for one of the guys so I was on my 5th day or so out there. It was also my 3rd year fighting fire.

    That night at camp I had finished talking to my girlfriend and walked to my sleeping bag, jumped in and was trying to sleep. I was rolling around for about an hour. Then I seen a white light outside of camp turning on and off. Take note the whole camp was shutdown during sleeping hours. After that though I saw a black figure racing around camp almost like a person but it wasn't human. Then a big buff human, like bull had raised out of the ground in the middle of our camp. I sh*t you not, I could not believe what I was seeing. Everything that happened I kept to myself until our tour was over. All this happened in Oregon, but even in the Warm Springs reservation has some unspoken things that happened. I've seen things out while fighting fire during the night. I'm not saying its UFOs or government but its happening especially around the Cascades Forest and Crater Lake National Park. I was on GH Ranch fire crew from Klamath Falls, Oregon. We are trained to pay attention, have a buddy system for everything, have a radio on both ends of crew, and never walk off alone in the woods. We are not allowed to touch bones of any kind. I've always seen things since I was 11 years old, but let me tell you, its not normal and the BLM, National Park Service, ODF, and US Department of Forestry are keeping it from being disclosed. Don't ask, don't tell.” Jesifer
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    Apr 12, 2019
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    To be honest not shocked everyone in my family who worked for the government said they trust them as far as they can throw them.
    My mom second hubby he was M.I seen stuff the president did, and he said he never trusted the government after he learned stuff. Now before you asked hr couldn't tell he simply put it is one of them if u tell ya have to kill ya things.
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