Flat Earth Daredevil dies in crashed rocket

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    Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes Dead at 64 After Rocket Crash Landing


    Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes Dead at 64 ... Fatal Rocket Crash Landing

    3:59 PM PT -- We've confirmed ... 'Mad' Mike Hughes has, in fact, died.

    'Mad' Mike Hughes is believed to possibly be dead after launching himself in the air with a self-made rocket that crash-landed -- and it was captured on camera.

    The well-known daredevil and amateur rocket-engineer was doing a rocket launch Saturday in what appears to be near Barstow, CA -- where a reporter says Mike propelled himself into the air with a "self-made steam-powered rocket" and then crash-landed into the ground.

    Mike's rep, Darren Shuster, tells TMZ he was NOT at the launch Saturday, but does believe his longtime client to be deceased based on what he's seen and heard. Darren says Mike was a "one-of-a-kind" adding, "When God made Mike he broke the mold. The man was the real deal and lived to push the edge. He wouldn’t have gone out any other way! RIP"

    What's even more crazy about the crash is that it may have been getting filmed for a new TV show Mike is a part of in partnership with the Discovery Channel. The show's called "Homemade Astronauts," and it's set to launch sometime in 2020.

    For Saturday's experiments, Mike is said to have been attempting to get as close to space from Earth as possible -- otherwise known as the Karman line, about 62 miles above Earth's surface -- without the use of advanced tech you might find at NASA or SpaceX.
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    Sorry to hear of his death, but it sounds like it must have been a real Wily E. Coyote moment.
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