Ex Machina Movie..Our Future?


Sep 16, 2013
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South of Indy

Anyone seen this movie? Give it a rating and review, please! Is this the future?
Debi's preview above gives you some flavor of the movie. The main character Caleb, has a week long encounter with a robot, created by Nathan. At the end of the week Caleb begins to wonder if even himself has been created as part of some project(that's where he is checking his teeth and mouth). The main point of the movie is to make you think about the future when robots are created so real, so animated, so natural in their "personality" that it is very difficult to tell the difference between man-made beings and biological "God-made" ones. Did I like the movie, yes. Do I recommend it, yes. The movie has some nudity, no sex or anything, just some pretty girls unclothed. Just a heads-up in case you might watch with the family. I would rate the move 8 out of 10. IMDB reference Ex Machina (2015) - IMDb Is this in the future, yes, but not for quite awhile, perhaps 40 years. BTW, this is on HBO / HBO GO for those who subscribe.
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