Entity was possibly attached to an object?

Discussion in 'Your Paranormal Experiences' started by Salem Wilder Fox, Nov 6, 2019.

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    Aug 5, 2019
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    I’m back after a hiatus, and the good news is I’m moving! Thursday’s the day. The bad news? I think I stirred up some utter garbage in packing. Whatever it was that had taken a keen liking to watching me seemed to have possibly been attached to a tapestry I own. I began to unpin it from the wall, shake it out and fold it and BAM. That feeling of being followed was back, and I’m still uneasy. If it is indeed an object that has this attachment (if this is possible) should I rid myself of said object? Is there something specific I should do BEFORE I move to a new home? Thanks in advance.
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  2. Lynne

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    Objects can hold energy. Have you considered not taking the tapestry with you? Maybe cleansing it with crystals? Hope the move is good for you. Welcome back.
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    Aug 9, 2018
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    I'm a bit curious about the history of the tapestry. Where and when did you get it and who owned it before you. Typically something like this would be some form of residual energy from a prior owner. If someone is hurting and angry they can imprint those feelings onto an object which will then remain trapped in that object for some time afterwards. If this were the case you wouldn't be dealing with an intelligent entity, at most it would be akin to a thought form or tulpa. Not malicious just a lot of negative energy lashing out at anything around it.

    When it comes to pulling energy out of an object there are many differing thoughts and beliefs. Lynne suggests crystals, but I have also heard to use salt and since salt forms as crystals there maybe something in that respect. I've also heard that music or magnets can be used or simply hanging the thing outside in fresh air and warm sunlight.
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  4. WitchAndShaman

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    Hey SWF, welcome back. I like Steve and Lynne’s inputs but it might be important to determine the kind of attachment _ intelligent or otherwise. Though I’m not a spirit expert, maybe the cleansing technique should be appropriate to the kind of attachment. If you feel the object is haunted, and something such that you don’t want to deal with the risks, burn it (safely) or bury it after cleansing it. Don’t offer it up as a freebie to anyone else.
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