Earthquakes and UFO's?

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    Sep 16, 2013
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    Mass UFO sightings 'connected' to large earthquakes, former US Marine intelligence officer claims

    Mass UFO sightings ‘connected’ to large earthquakes, former US Marine intelligence officer claims

    AN ex-Marine has bizarrely claimed mass of UFO sightings are connected to mega earthquakes and other natural disasters.

    Nick Karnaze, a former special operative in United States Marine Corps soldier who served in Afghanistan, is investigating evidence attempting to prove aliens have contacted Earth.

    Ex marine Nick Karnaze believes he has spotted a correlation between UFOs and natural disastersCredit: Mirrorpix

    The former serviceman believes he has now spotted a correlation between UFO sightings and natural disasters.

    Nick is part of a crack crew of investigators in a new Discovery Channel show "Contact".

    It follows the marine along with former CIA targeting officer Myke Cole, conflict analyst Dr. Michael Livingston, astrophysicist Sarah Cruddas, journalist Paul Beban and ex-Green Beret Kawa Mawlayee.

    He told the Daily Star: "We’re seeing a lot of sightings connected to earthquakes, which is very interesting.

    “Sarah [Cruddas] and I were looking at a lot of sightings around a series of earthquakes, relatively large for the area too.

    “And I know the team in South America were also looking into similar patterns."

    He added that found it "interesting that we have a correlation between mass UFO sightings and natural disasters".

    But he did caveat it by saying he couldn’t definitely say that extra-terrestrials were causing the chaos.

    Footage has emerged over the years claiming to show UFOs in the region of earthquakes.

    In one clip, multiple UFOs were spotted on camera over locations recently hit by a quake.

    While a second claimed a UFO may even be the cause of the natural disaster.

    Full story at site.
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    May 11, 2018
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    Nothing new here, unless he's claiming UFOs are causing the earthquakes. There has long been a correlation between natural disasters and UFOs sightings. It's been claimed UFOs show up at disasters (natural and man made), some think they are there to see what's going on. Others believe in the "Earth Lights" theory with earthquakes.

    I take a different view of this. Since many, if not most, natural disasters (earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) result in widespread loss of electrical power, I think the lack of light pollution allows those on the ground to see things in the night sky they would not/could not usually see. This is especially true in urban/suburban areas. While a small percentage of what they see might be genuinely unidentified/unexplained, the bulk are just common things (aircraft, meteors, stars, etc.) they are not use to seeing due to light pollution.
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    Aug 13, 2019
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    It's also interesting to note that in the Sacramento area, after the most recent earthquake, there was a huge spike in cryptid sightings, pteranodons in particular. (Fresno/Sac has always had a pteranodon problem...) My partner, who is generally skeptical of anything he can't see, touch, taste, or stick in mass spectrometer, suggested that maybe there's something in earthquake/plate tectonics that acts like a mass energy disruption that opens veils between dimensions, or maybe just causes EMF spikes so high that the residual energies of ancient creatures like Pteranodon are able to break through, like a spirit can feed off of electrical sources.

    I think, too, that earthquakes put us on edge, heighten our instincts, make us more aware of our surroundings. In addition to what Duke mentioned about light pollution, we might be actually looking harder for perceived threats around us than we normally would, and suddenly that flash of light that's just a banking airplane turning into the sun, something that we normally wouldn't even notice, we see a lot more clearly.
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