Ears everywhere!


Sep 16, 2013
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Between here and there...
Remember those spy movies where they ran the shower so anything "bugged" couldn't hear the conversation??? I'm about ready to do that. Once again, I mentioned something to my husband. I have never searched it on the computer. I have only spoken in my bedroom of the item. And lo and behold, a half hour later, there are ADS for it on my Facebook feed! Then the ads popped up on other sites I visit.

I'm gonna start running the shower around here!

Which browser are you using, Debi? Google Chrome? Firefox?
Firefox on laptop, but there's 3 Kindles in use here, plus a smart TV. And my cell phone. I have found out that although I have turned "off" the Alexa's attached to these devices, they are embedded and I cannot delete them. One of them is still "listening". This is not the first time this has happened!

I know you tap in to others feelings, dreams Debi as you have proven but is cyber space now tapping into to your thoughts? This scares me a fair bit.
Nope, this is a device still listening in. I just can't figure out which one as I have them all set to "OFF" for the Alexa part of the programs. It's not like I have State secrets around here, but dang...
Here's an Eye opener for you:
Yeah, I've seen another one like that as well. I suppose them knowing the secret that I want a certain type of feather pillow for Xmas is not going to be important to them, but the fact they can place ads that quickly for them on my feed is a bit disturbing!
Have you tried an ad blocker? I know that if you do almost ANYTHING online that it has a way of getting spread into all sorts of other places. I have run into that sort of thing a lot of times and eventually connected them to something that I looked at online. I am not bothered because I don't have a landline home phone and don't have a ringer turned on on my cell phone. If anyone wants my attention they call my wife. She likes her phone a lot more than I like mine. I DO turn it on if she goes someplace without me but then I turn it off as soon as she gets home. Does that make me antisocial??