Does lightning have a paranormal connection?



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Aug 8, 2020
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I dont know but IMO yes. I can only think of all the Thunder Gods mentioned in history and the significance it has. I remember mom taking me outside on the porch for thunder storms ( of course the house was grounded and the porch was enclosed) she would tell me its the giants bowling. I still remember that to this day. Also the many norse myths she read to me lead me to research Thor and Irish Gods as I grew older . The Lakota have always interested me also and The Thunder Beings and their existence is very real IMO. I was just reading a religious text that mentions thunder and heard a huge clap outside as its raining like crazy outside. Coincidence? Probably. The important thing is to note what events happen in your life when signs occur as we are all different. Keep notes and you may see a pattern. Some people love hawks and I do too but I know when I see one I need to be aware of something in my life.These are all my opinions and mean little. I also knew someone who made a big deal out of everything in nature and got unbalanced. Sometimes its just thunder and sometimes its a sign.
Sofar I can't think of any pattern or event happening before or after each occurance.
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