Does Cryptobotany Exist?


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Jun 3, 2022
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I was thinking about plants when I suddenly came up with the question, does cryptobotany exist? I could not think of a single example that would fulfill that category.

However, I just looked online and found this cryptobotany introduction ... which seems to answer my own question. However, can the group come up with more examples? I am really curious about this right now.
This is a new area of thought for me, a very good question. I bet there are still a lot of strange plants undiscovered in the Amazon region. A man eater would be a good one lol. I will have to think on this one a bit. What would a paranormal Plant be like. Maybe one that can move around with walking roots.
I have read of encounters with trees that walk or do other things that trees aren't supposed to do.
Groot would be a good example lol. On a serious note, one of the paranormal events that interest me is claims that terrain changes. Trees and bushes in different locations. This seems to be a thing in some areas. If true what does that say about the nature of reality. It is an interesting topic.
Hmmm ... cryptogeography is a thing also.
more to think on lol. If i can recall who it was that was discussing this topic, I will come back and post it. I have listened to so many podcasts, its hard to put my finger on it. I think it was on Spaced out Radio and Butch Winkowski was the guest. I have also heard Heather Wade, (host that took over for Art Bell) tell of a personal experience where she got lost for a couple hrs because the terrain had changed. There is also pictures shown somewhere of trees being in different locations within a short period of time. I wish I had noted these stories at the time. It is a very interesting topic and if true, a bit unnerving.
The way the cryptozoologists explain their field, cryptids are animals that science has not identified/acknowledged. Once that is done, then they are no longer cyptids. So cryptobotany would be the field of looking for and identifying previously unknown plants. Similarly, cryptomineralogy would be looking for previously unknown minerals. It's doubtful those in either field would use the "crypto" prefix, however. They'd probably prefer/use "research."
I have read of encounters with trees that walk or do other things that trees aren't supposed to do.
There was a pic i took of a tree that i imagine was burnt due to a 'controlled burn'. It had a hole through the center of the trunk...looked cool. When i turned around to find it, i couldn't. So go up to certain part of trail and turned around and eventually found it. I guess perception wise it was easier to spot heading in one direction. If trees/plants get up and move's day of the triffids time lol.
"Hawthorn trees are also known as 'fairy trees'. It is believed that fairies (or the sidhe) live underground and in certain trees, namely the hawthorn. Even in modern times, one often sees a lone tree in the middle of a field; farmers and landowners are reluctant to cut down hawthorn trees for fear of disturbing the fairies. Roadworks and motorways are often diverted around fairy trees for the same reason."