DIY fails

That touches my heart and soul, Oz. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. It means a lot!

Just don't ask me to paint anything. ;bg3
Okay one of the best aspects of being self-employed is learning to sweep your mistakes under the rug.

I'm a good sweeper !

I'm sure a lot of the long timers here remember the jambalaya fiasco of 2020.

Then I remember screwing up making an eight iron.
Oh, and this spring I replaced a grip on a club.
That hole should not be there. What you want to do is take a file to the end of the shaft and some sandpaper on the inside. I made a keyhole punch !
( once you put the grip on your bang it on the ground a few times to seat it ).
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And the Shoeless Joe episode.
He was named after the baseball player with the White Sox and then I figured out he was a girl. Then when I took her in to get spayed the doctor said that's a boy.
20210720_115626.jpg Little Joe is his own little person. Free spirit.
(Betcha Duke is still laughing about this one.)

It's not like I went to the Juilliard School of Veterinary Medicine.
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