Demons and Djinn discussion

I know I'm one year late but I hope I can still answer this.Just like Protestant Christians who don't acknowledge the existence of ghosts of the deceased returning to possess and cause harm but believe that demons do, Muslims also don't acknowledge the existence of the ghosts but acknowledge the existence of Djinn/Genies. Even though in some Muslim countries they have many ghosts from local(non-Arabic)folklore, the Ustaz(Muslim wise teachers?)that are invited to give talks on TV frequently remind Muslims that these are just folklore and that ghosts do not exist. An alternate explanation that they sometimes give is these "ghosts" from folklore do exist but are actually Djinn and that it is only through the mouths of the people that they ended up being called ghosts.

With that out of the way, one of the differences between Demons and Djinn is that Demons are the fallen angels but in Islam Djinn are not. They are creatures of fire that were created by Allah before Adam was created and that Satan was one such creature. I don't know about this part but supposedly Satan became the leader of all the Djinn that sided with him. Djinn are known to be creatures that have varied forms and can possess humans or be sent by witch doctors and shamans to a victim for a fee to cause havoc in their lives. I read from their(modern day books) that Djinn can have different religions and can even be atheists.

That is correct, we don't believe in the concept of ghosts as undead--and attribute manifestations that are referred to as ghosts to the jinn. Ustaz only means teacher, but yes, it does imply someone with knowledge or someone you learn from.

As such, we don't belive in fallen angels, as angels can't 'fall" since they don't have free will unlike humans and jinn. Like humans, jinns can have their own societies, can subscribe to different religions, including those followed by humans and among them you'll find those who are good and those who are evil. The latter is what we call demons.
According to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, in her book ;"The Djinn Connection," Djinn are shapeshifters from another dimension. She said that Jinn can take on many forms; like shadow people, black cats or dogs, Men in Black, or even aliens. The implication is that Djinn could account for many different paranormal expereinces.
This could certainly be true; we really have no proof of anything, but we can make associations and guesses from past experiences.