Delays and Glitches


Sep 16, 2013
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South of Indy
**Thanks to Duke for the question today!**
A recent news post told the story of a number of tourists being stuck underground at the Grand Canyon Caverns due to an elevator failure.

Have you ever had a vacation (or any type trip) put on hold due to a mechanical failure or act of God? How long was the delay, and how was it resolved?
When my daughter was about 4 we went to Niagara Falls. We were young and dumb. We thought there would be plenty of hotels so we didn’t make reservations. We were on a very tight budget and we’re shocked to find everything affordable booked up. We were forced to go to a very high end hotel that would have caused us to head home the next day due to the cost. There was some bad weather that night and the hotel lost power. We got our room comped for the night. This allowed us to stay the weekend after all. God looks out for young fools lol.
In the hills of Tennessee, hubs made a really bad mistake while driving our huge Class A RV. He decided we needed gas and by George he was gonna fit into a small station and get it despite my advice not to even try it. Mr. Stubborn assured me he could do it. Well, while pulling away from the pump in a tight turn, he pretty much took off the back of the RV by it's fender on one of the concrete posts. (At least it wasn't a pump!) He didn't even hear it! While I was screaming at him that he hit something, I could hear the back end kinda tear away like a can opening. Luckily it was still attached to one side and part of the top. The whole back wall of that thing was flapping.

DUCT TAPE. We learned that night how much Duct tape it takes to bandage a wounded RV to get it home with the back end still hanging on.
We were on a cable car hundreds of feet above in the Blue Mountains when it broke down half way. Everyone was panicking and it took 2 hours until we got to the other side. I never went on it again.
The only one I can think of was one summer night when my girls and I were driving from Midland, TX to Las Crusces, NM and when we got to El Paso, the highway (4 lanes each way) was shut down, completely stopped. Behind us the police had arrived to get people off the previous exit, but we were stuck. It was midnight, a beautiful night and we were there so long that people got out and turned their radios up. Some had lawn chairs (probably on their way to camp somewhere) and it was like a big block party. I think we were there about 2 hours before the traffic was allowed to go again.
Coming back from Florida from a cruise vacation finding out quite quickly about a certain guy in a certain car hiding in a certain trunk...Never seen so many police and praying next time we stop for food or gas....Also would've been a major glitch when my plane almost collided with another on taxi lane. Think everyone smacked their heads on the seat in front of them pilot braked so hard.
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I got stuck at O'Hare Airport one stormy night, along with a few thousand of my closest friends. The rumor was there was a problem with the approach radar, but it could have just been the weather.

To give credit where it's due, the people running O'Hare did a great job. In the terminal I was in they had 300-400 cots set up with clean, wrapped blankets and pillows at the foot of each. Airport police patrolled the area all night, and kept an eye on anyone who got up to use the facilities. They woke us up at 5:30 am with a "time to get up" message over the PA system. I didn't get a lot of sleep, but it could have been much worse.

Finally got on a midmorning flight and got home around lunch time.
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Many years ago we boarded a flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles during a thunder storm. While sitting at the gate waiting to finish boarding the airplane made a loud thud and rocked suddenly. Come to find out a baggage tug was blown into the plane. Needless to say the flight was canceled and we had to wait several hours for a spare plane to board.