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    The Return of High Weirdness By Mail

    20 years ago, Rev. Ivan Stang and others wrote the book on kooks, visionaries and rogue weirdos of every stripe. That book is out of print.

    A few years ago, the noble Friar Synapse took upon himself the Herculean task of tracking down the various entities listed in the original book to see if any might still exist and even have websites.

    Almost all did.

    Next step: the rebuilding of the book, using these links plus new ones discovered by SubGenius researchers. Friar Synapse also corrected our old SubSITE kookweb listings -- see end of this long long page. We have our Slack cut out for us.

    Some of the links have been taken down or dead but its enough to keep those interested in kooks, visionaries and rogue weirdos busy for a while.

    SubSite - High Weirdness By Web
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    Thanks for the post, Prophet. Lots of links in the book to check out. I followed one and am reading about Hellen Keller.

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