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Oct 4, 2015
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Well. Now you have gone and done it. lololol... 'blowup'

I'm pulling back... pulling...pulling... Nope. 'hiccup' 'sorry'

This has nothing to do with wages. When multi-billion dollar corporations resist fair wages... this is about greed... and slavery... and... well... fair wages. This is about corporations TELLING the public that paying someone 15.00 an hour will only hurt them... and yes sir it does...

Here is the Truth. That is all a load of CR*P.

Simply stating... those self check-out aisles are about PROFIT. AND, yes, less employees... less overhead... STILL prices rise... STILL profits go up and up and up.

If they can pay someone to look over the self-pay aisle... they can pay someone to check me out. I don't do self-check... I ask to be double bagged... I expect that when I spend my very very VERY small income on stuff that I HAVE to have to survive... after these industry's have USED Covid to raise prices at least 300% in the name of... they BETTER check me out.

Don't make me kill a Deer. I will ya know.

Refugee ~ Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

You said it Donna, I will not bore you all with repeating it. Thanks
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