Cat like humanoid?

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    Phantoms and Monsters - Real Eyewitness Cryptid Encounter Reports


    "My husband and I own two dogs and we walk them for an hour every evening after work. We live in a rural area (De Luz, California) and it can be a bit creepy at night, especially when there's no moon out for some light and it's pitch dark.

    This happened a few weeks ago, before daylight saving time changed. My husband and I were on our nightly walk as usual on a particularly dark night. We were on the most rural part of the trail, about two miles from any homes. We suddenly got an unnerving feeling and just then nature went silent. The frogs completely stopped croaking and the bug noises just stopped and it was silent. I said "that's weird, there must be a predator nearby." Seconds after I uttered those words we heard the sound of HUGE wings flapping, as if something was about to land. We felt the wind power generated by this massive thing. We heard an enormous sycamore tree branch crack under the weight of this thing landing on it. I can't even describe how powerful the wings were. It was a calm, still night with no wind and the wings had created enough force to actually make my long hair blow around.

    We both felt the presence of something evil and menacing. We started running and neither of us was brave enough to look back. Just then we saw it flying away overhead. It wasn't a large bird. It's wings flapped in an unnatural way as it lurched upwards.

    My husband is a true skeptic but couldn't rationalize or begin to explain what we had just seen. He even told his co-worker and friends about it. He has downright refused to walk in that area since then.

    This is not the first time I've seen something in that area. Last summer I saw a blacker than black shadow figure that looked like a large cat-human hybrid emerge from the creek and climb up the massive tree and disappear. After that we had really bad things happen in a series of three. That's a story for another time, but my point is that there is something in that area.

    Any thoughts on what that could have been? The week it happened I had been telling my husband about shape shifters, so I wonder if I attracted something? I have abilities as it is and have been susceptible to experiences like this, but this really freaked us out." RP
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    What a strange description. What is going on out there?

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