Can Cats See Ghosts?

Aug 27, 2021
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Philadelphia, PA
yep, they most certainly do as do dogs some react in different ways when I lived with my father in my aunt's old house there was something in the residence, I do not know what it was but I've never seen his cat react this way before in all the yrs. he had him he stopped midway up the stairs got into a defensive stance and slowly backed down the stairs backwards while keeping an eye on whatever it was upstairs in the hall way he'd back down move down a step or 2 lookup and continue this until he was down the stairs.

My father didn't believe me when I first told him there was something in the house that is until we both seen this massive black shadow dart from his bedroom to my room, we were both in the living room and no one was upstairs I did not get the friendly kind of vibes from it either I may not be able to see them but I can sense them and feel them and I told him as much when he tried chatting to whatever it was I went so far as to tell him do not acknowledge it do not chat to it, but yeah, cats definitely can see spirits/entities. I moved from that place a few months later cleansed new place My current cat sleeps through everything I have a few spirits that are here but she is just like whatever they are pretty quiet.