Can anyone help me figure out what I saw?

Discussion in 'Your Paranormal Experiences' started by PuppetWriter, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Okay. So, I've had two paranormal experiences in my life and both have left me pretty shaken. I have tried to google and do a little bit of research, but unless I'm just using the wrong words to describe it, I can't find anything that matches. So, I was just wondering if anyone had experienced something similar or knew if it was just a ghost or something else?

    My first ever experience came when I was about six years old and it was summer vacation. My family lived in a two family flat. It's basically a house, but the first floor is an apartment and the second floor is a separate apartment. Both families usually share the basement. My family lived on the first floor and I did not like the basement very much at all. Also, the basement door had this weird lock on it that was really tall and I'm fairly certain it was childproof because I couldn't unlock it. Anyways, one evening I suddenly felt this insane urge to go to the basement. I mean, it felt like a life or death situation to me. Like it was just absolutely imperative that I go down there. So, I tried to unlock it myself after pulling a chair up to the door, but I couldn't get it. My mom found me and asked me what I was doing and I was honestly near hysterics and almost crying. For the first time in my life, I lied to my mother.

    I told her that one of my toys had fallen down there when she was doing laundry and that I had to get it before the neighbor's dog chewed it up. My toy was not down there. But, my mom unlocked the door for me and told me to come find her when I came back up so she could lock the door behind me. I went down the basement stairs and my mom went back to what she was doing at the time. Suddenly, the urge to be in the basement was gone and I felt very afraid. Just then, I turned and I saw the neighbor's dog across the basement. Only, he looked a bit different. His eyes were a dull red and the brown spots were gone from his fur so that he was all black and he was bigger than usual. I turned and I raced back up the stairs and I could hear the dog chasing me. I just made it back into my apartment and the dog stopped at the doorway and I turned and I just stared at it and it filled more than half the doorway, which should have been impossible. Then I heard a male voice in my head say, "No." And a disembodied hand slammed the basement door shut and locked it. This time, I did go into hysterics and I couldn't stop crying. I begged my mother to let me sleep somewhere else for the night and even though it was after 10PM at night, she called my friend's house for me and let me ask her grandmother if I could stay over. She ended up letting me.

    Honestly, I still have nightmares about that event, but I'm also very confused as to what happened and some of the theories that have crossed my mind freak me out even more.

    My second encounter wasn't quite as dramatic. I went with a few friends to stay at their grandmother's house for the weekend. She had a finished basement with couches galore for us to sleep on. I had spent the weekend there before and I have spent many holiday celebrations there. Nothing had ever happened before. Anyways, I was twelve and everyone else had fallen asleep in another area of the room. I had chosen the couch in front of the basement stairs so that I could keep the stairwell light on and read. It was creeping along 1AM and I had been hearing footsteps running up and down the stairs. Down, down, down, down, pause. Up, up, up, up. Pause. And repeat. While distracted by reading, I assumed it was the dog being hyperactive. But, then I finished the book and set it down and prepared myself to go to sleep. The footsteps started to annoy me. That's when I remembered that the dogs had been let outside for the night.

    All of my friends were laying down on the other side of the room. I could make them all out fairly easily from the light from the stairs. I did not think their grandparents would be going up and down the stairs. I began to feel a bit nervous. So, I turned and I looked at the stairs. And there stood one of my friends on the basement stairwell landing. His body was facing me, but his head was turned to the right, staring out the basement door window to outside. I even double checked and that same friend was sleeping next to his little brother on the other side of the room. Also, the one on the landing was wearing the pajamas that I watched my friend decide to leave at home when packing. Like, something was mimicking him and didn't quite get the details right. But, everything else was spot on. So, I stared, dumbfounded at the figure and then it suddenly whipped its head around to look at me. Its eyes were gold, though it did look like it had pupils. Its eyes widened and a look of pain flashed across its face and then it turned and ran inhumanly fast up the stairs. I had this sense of ill intent come over me and immediately moved to the other side of the room and lay among my friends, still hearing the footsteps all night. I did not get any sleep.

    When my friends woke up, I told them what I saw. They all made fun of me and thought I was making it up. That night, I went to sleep among them and I went to bed first. When I woke up in the morning, they all had bags under their eyes because they had heard footsteps running up and down the stairs all night. Since that weekend, I have always felt a slightly unwelcoming presence every time I went to the house after that. Then, about three years ago, the house burned down.

    I know that many people don't believe in paranormal things, but I have no other explanation for the events I experienced. If anyone has had something similar happen or could offer some insight, please feel free to share. Thank you for reading.

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    Welcome to the forum Melissa. You had two very scary events. They may be totally unrelated. They could just be random events associated with the locations. Perhaps just hauntings. Have you had expierences as an adult ? If these are isolated events you may never know what the causes were unless you have more information from the people who lived in these locations. Perhaps your mom could tell you about the home you lived in as a kid. Without more information it may remain a mystery. You are not alone strange things so happen at times. Something obviously protected you as a child. If you have had no further events I wouldn’t worry about it. If you have faith in God just move forward in your faith. There are others here who may have more advice.

    There is a getting to know you thread here if you would like to post there too.
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    Hi PuppetWriterPuppetWriter. Welcome to the ParaNormal Forum. Thanks for posting your experiences. These must have been very scary for you since the details are still vividly in your mind. I'm curious if your stayover friends ever discussed THEIR sleepless night and what they heard or saw that second night. Regarding the basement with the large dog/being, I believe someone who looks after you, stepped in and closed the door to keep you safe. Have there ever been other events in your life when you felt or saw a presence that protected you from a potentially dangerous situation ?

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