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    Burning Man buys 3,800-acre ranch – is it about to build a year-round festival?

    Burning Man, a hedonistic 10-day festival in the Nevada desert, has bought a massive property where it plans to build a year-round location.
    Festival organizers announced today they’ve closed on a deal on Fly Ranch, a 3,800-acre property in Washoe County, Nevada, for $6.5m, half what owner Sam Jasick asked for a few years ago (he has since passed away, and his son Todd was more interested in closing the sale). At recent Burning Man festivals, organizers said they were taking potential investors on tours including well-known burners and technologists SpaceX founder Elon Musk, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and Airbnb executive and Burning Man board member Chip Conley. None have confirmed involvement in the Fly Ranch deal.
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    For the longtime Burning Man community it’s a controversial decision: the premise of Burning Man is that it’s a city built and then broken and burned at the end of the festival as a statement about impermanence.
    Fly Ranch will involve year-round infrastructure. The Burning Man organizers, who in 2012 created a not-for-profit group in part to make this purchase feasible, explained their decision to make the temporary festival permanent.
    “Those who have been deeply affected by a Burning Man event or experience have often asked, ‘How can we bring this beyond the event?’ ‘How can we make this really matter?’ And we too have wondered, ‘What would it mean to have a year-round location beyond the playa? What if we had a place to experiment with and apply the Ten Principles 365 days a year, in addition to the one-week event?’”
    Organizers called the purchase “the next step in the grand experiment that is Burning Man”.

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    Funnily enough, Sean Kennedy (of Rant Media) worked something like this into his cyberpunk fiction podcast Tales From the Afternow perhaps ten years previously.
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