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    Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal

    Bigfoot Encountered in Chelan County, Washington (Photo)



    I recently received a telephone call from a 64-year-old Washington resident who had a Bigfoot encounter while hunting with his fiance.

    'KG' was bow hunting for deer on the first day of the season in 2018. He and his fiance were in a wilderness area, not far from Cashmere, WA in Chelan County. The forest was charred as the result of a wildfire several years before, so much of the area had burnt trees and stumps. There is also new growth throughout. KG has been hunting along a specific game trail for many years.

    This particular day, he noticed that the usual high number of deer and elk tracks was considerably less than previous years. Regardless of this, they setup in a blind hoping that they would be successful.

    After an hour or so, KG decided that they would move on since there was no activity. It was late afternoon, so they began to walk back towards their vehicle. As they hiked back, something caught KG's eye on the slope above him. He stopped and looked through his binoculars. At first, he thought that the dark hairy creature was a huge black bear. But it stood up and looked directly at him. He could see the face. This wasn't a black bear.

    He never imagined that he would ever look into the face of a Bigfoot, as the creature 'sneered' at him and turned. It slowly walked up the slope. KG grabbed his cellphone and took a photo of the back of the creature has it moved off.

    The next day, KG returned to the location. He measured a small tree that had been near the Bigfoot. It was approximately 10 ft. in height. The Bigfoot was at least 8 foot in height in comparison. He later noticed a burnt pine tree that was broken off about 12 foot from the ground. A live 4 inch diameter pine had been broken off and set upon the burnt tree (photo below).

    KG had been sitting on his encounter for almost a year, but finally felt that it should be reported. Lon
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    That looks like they caught one.

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