Ancient "Alien" Skulls found in Hungary


Truth Seeker
May 24, 2019
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I saw a guy on TV today that had things like horns on his head, Earlobes that hung down to his jawline, and a skull's face tattooed onto his face...

I don't think he was doing this because he was influenced by aliens or really demons. I think he just wanted to be noticed. This is something that people all over the world and all through time do and have done. We LIKE to feel special. Romans and later the European royalty destroyed themselves smearing lead oxide on their faces so that they looked different than common people.

I happen to believe that we have had contact with others but I don't see them behind every bush. I don't think that every advancement that humanity has made was the result of alien guidance or intervention. They look at the various incredible step-sided pyramids that people built all over the world and say, "See it had to be aliens that taught them how to do that. I watched my Granddaughter stacking blocks when she was little. Evidently the aliens had gotten to her too. She was building things that looked like step pyramids when she was TWO.

Just because stone age people were could do things with the stone that we can't do now is not amazing and not alien intervention. It is quite simply that people can over time by building on the knowledge of those that came before get REALLY good at it. Also, people in the past had more patience than we do and thought nothing of working on something for years that we would want to be done on days.

The ability to move things or perform amazing feats of strength is more about knowledge and experience than just muscle power. I remember when I was a teenager, I was a monster and spent several hours a day in the weight room. I was 6'2" weighed 250 and could get above the rim of a basketball hoop too. We were rearranging the kitchen at home and I was trying to move the freezer. It was loaded and full and HEAVY. I was struggling so my Mama told me to just move. She stepped up to that freezer leaned a hip against it and sort of squatted down. that freezer slid over about a foot. In a couple of minutes, she had it where she wanted it. I was bigger, stronger, and in better shape but she KNEW how to make things move. I learned more from her about handling heavy things than I ever did from anyone in a gym. She was NOT taught by aliens either.

People stretch their necks, shape the heads of their children, deform the feet of their women, tattoo, scar, and deform their bodies in many ways not to look like aliens but to look special in the eyes of their people. Even today HERE women paint their faces in all sorts of ways according to the current style. I admit that some of them look a little alien BUT I assure you that aliens have nothing to do with it.