An interesting thought..

I had an interesting conversation with my oldest down in Florida on Thanksgiving. He has a small amount of acreage and, due to all that is going on right now, is raising chickens, rabbits to sell, and is looking into adding some of those small houses on the property for his kids.

We talked a bit about how families in the past had "generational" homes. Grandparents, kids and grandchildren all lived in one home. The sharing of resources helped all, and a kind of deep family roots were there. We grew away from that in the past, but I'm seeing a
My cousin has a plot of land where she has her house and across the dirt road that goes through the property her son has his house, his ex-wife has hers next door (though she moved recently) and her daughter has a house behind hers. Her other daughter lives in town, but it seems like a good arrangement. All but 3 of the grandchildren (the ones who live in town) come and go as they please to grandma's house.
There were 5 of us kids in mom & dads family and none of us got along growing up. We still don't, so family gatherings are always small.
We all couldn't move out fast enough as soon as we turned 18.
Just being around them is a negative energy festival. No thanks!
When we were in our 20's my siblings and I had strife, mostly due to religious differences but for the most part we worked it out and are all good friends now. I have some cousins who have not gotten along for decades and they cause the rest of the family a lot of stress. I moved my 88 year old aunt in with me because those two cousins could not take care of her and one was negligent, the other abusive. I feel we have to take care of family the best we can.