AI generated art wins top prize (and artists are not happy!)


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Oct 14, 2017
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this is an ongoing battle in the art world. in this case i agree its not "real" art, as in, it takes a degree of talent or ability to create. this is like using a CNC machine and programs to create a wood working or sculpture type piece. is it cool? does it have a place? sure, but as a mass producing type or other niche. not as a piece of art. this is no different than what you buy off the shelves at IKEA or walmart. mass produced, identical pieces. no individuality or personality of the one who created it. Digital art in itself, where you have to create, draw, and so forth all the characters and story lines or paintings is art. But The programs where you put the characters together from base "models" and the computer does all the work for you from building backgrounds to adding color, shadows, etc. is not art, sure it takes work and is time consuming, blah blah blah....but does not take any "real" artistic talent....ive made movies, cartoons, shorts, etc... using these type programs, but would not put my name on it as an "artist" or claim it to be art.
These arguments or ideals usually dont bother me in the least. i usually have the attitude of "do your own thing , man" "just stay in your own lane" but in cases like this i can understand the emotion, a setting of a crafts event, or studio showing is expected to be hand made, artistic pieces....not the right venue for these type works.
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