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May 11, 2018
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Dayton, OH

A school district in Florida has issued a zero tolerance policy on student cell phones. Students may not use, or even handle, cell phones during school hours, but may keep them in their backpacks.

Agree or disagree with this policy?

Thanks to Critter for the idea.
If it caused an improvement in the educational process, then it may have been the right choice! But it's a shame that this kind of involvement had to be forced.
Tough situation for both schools and parents/students. I agree 100% with no phone use during the school day, but don't like that students are not allowed to have phones on their person. I'd want my kid to have immediate access to the phone in an emergency, not having to dig through a book bag, and that's assuming the book bag isn't in a locker.

I'd say let kids keep phones on their person, with ringer turned off. Any use of the phones at any time (other than for an emergency) would result in confiscation.
That’s a tough one. Kids live, Breathe sleep on the phone. This is ridiculous. School is the time to learn, mot to to be on TikTok or social media. Exception of family emergencies, they shouldn’t be on the phone, they’re there to learn.
My wife is a teacher and this is pretty much the same policy at her school. When they are doing some cool experiments or dissections (she's a science teacher) the kids will ask if it's okay to take their phones out to take pictures, but then they pit it right back. She has told me that she does have to give kids warnings from time to time that they shouldn't have their phones out, but most other teachers confiscate on sight.

For my son we actually have a medical plan on file with the school that his phone needs to be with him, within Bluetooth distance, at all times to counter policies like this. He is diabetic and has an insulin pump along with a CGM ( Continuous Glucose Monitor) that both communicate with his phone. When his blood sugar goes to high or too low his CGH sends the data to his phone which sends it to his pump, my wife's phone and my phone. We have had this same basic plan in place for years because the schools have had a similar policy for a while.
It is about time in my opinion. There is absolutely no reason for a kid to have a phone on their person. They can be kept in their locker in case of an emergency, or in the case of elementary school where kids are all in the same room all day, a community box in the room. There is no way to police the use of the phones when they are allowed to be carried on their person. I know today we are dealing with school attacks and the need for a phone available may save lives, so keeping them in the rooms for elementary solves that problem. For high school perhaps that is a different situation, they should follow direction better and can be delt with on an individual basis. If they miss use it, then they can be held by the teacher in their desk.
Another thing, is when we were children, if an emergency came up,the principal's office would contact the parents. Stevedog's example is a good one too; in the case of medical situations it is certainly an excellent reason to have the phone remain with the student. Back in the day we all somehow managed without cell phones in the classroom 24 - 7, and these kids should learn to as well.