A question of Diets!

Being in the trades i can regulate when i eat and usually not always what i eat. I drink a lot of water and i do try to pay attention to what i eat. I did get into habit of drinking a V-8 almost every morning though veggies or fruits were never an issue with me eating. Of course with age i have watched intakes of certain things but never really put myself on any kind of diet.
I think that over the years I have dried just about every diet out there. None worked for long for me. I finally just started not eating at all 3 days a week and then only one meal on the other days. If I ate I gained weight. After I married my wife who is a good german girl started feeding me and it was GREAT but I gained a lot of the weight back. We both got overweight and both of us HATED dieting. We gave up on dieting . My wife and I had gastric bypass surgery on the same day. We couldn't eat solid foods for a month and then EASED back into eating slowly. Between us, we dumped about 250 pounds. It greatly reduced our grocery bill. I have no regrets.