A (New) Look at John Titor

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    A (New) Look At John Titor's Predictions | Stranger Dimensions

    As I wrote nearly eight years ago, “John Titor’s story was painted in the dulcet, midnight colors of Coast to Coast AM, driven by a community’s desire to believe, if just for a moment, that time travel was possible.”

    A lot has changed since John Titor first posted at the Time Travel Institute in 2000-2001, and even more has changed since I first wrote my ‘John Titor Predictions’ post back in 2012.

    This is an updated version, with a new look at some of Titor’s most popular predictions and quotes, involving our potential future and the alleged time traveler’s own worldline.

    If you’d like to view the original post, here’s an archive. Some bits remain the same. You may also be interested in checking out the John Titor encyclopedia entry, which contains a more general look at his story, and links to other resources.

    Otherwise, let’s get to his predictions.

    But again, we must remember that these aren’t necessarily “predictions.” They’re statements made from the point of view of an alleged time traveler, one who often spoke of worldline divergence, and never seemed to tell the full story. These are, then, alleged reflections of an individual’s past that were never guaranteed to become our future.

    To see predictions and the rest of the story, hit that link.
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