A Fae Encounter


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Apr 21, 2022
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That is an amazing story! The part with the don't eat or drink any of this was something I've heard about before. Supposedly if you do you run the risk of never being seen or heard from again if memory serves me right. What do you think that voice in your head was that warned you to not drink or eat any of the offerings?
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Oct 4, 2015
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You wanted to hear one of my stories about the Fae...One little story..About 20 years ago,.I was in the Hebrides, the isle of Iona on the far west coast of Scotland and I had an encounter. I had never thought much one way or the other about faeries but a couple days before I left for my trip, it was all I could think about. I decided I was going to really try to make a connection with them on my trip.

I always travel solo and really go to where I am guided. I traveled thru several islands off the west coast of Scotland and I was going to every faery hill I could find, leaving little items like cloth (a lovely piece of Harris Tweed), food,flowers and the like. I knew my trip was coming to an end soon and I had pretty much given up on the idea of contacting them.

The day before I left for the U.S, I was sitting on a little bench behind a faery hill on the tiny little Isle of Iona and looking out over the little beach to the sea. Out of NOWHERE it started pissing down rain. With determination, I sat there on that bench,rain and all, and refused to leave. I sat there for another 5 or 10 minutes getting soaked. Then the rain lightened up a bit and I was watching the seagulls walking on the beach and the strangest thought came to me. "What if those birds AREN'T birds?" Well,boom next thing I know I feel myself being yanked/pulled backwards (now my body is still on the bench) but the rest of me was moving backwards with quite a bit of velocity and I found myself about 50 yards back down the path I had walked down to the bench.

I saw what I can only describe as 2 apple doll faced beings-verrry old and wrinkly-no botox for sure ! -man and wife about a foot or so tall dressed in well...kinda gnome clothing...country folk.... dark browns and greens. What blew my mind was the incredible love I felt from these 2. It was a kind of ,for lack of a better word "grandparent love" unconditional. They walked me up to the faery mound I had been sitting behind ,which suddenly had some kind of ...cliche as it is...big,hobbity wooden door in it. The door opened and I peered down and what I saw was a huge ballroom below me,a million golden faery lights...everything had a gold warm hue, the best way I could explain it would be to say it was a giant Faery ball.

I found myself then down amongst them. I seemed to be the same size as them. Everything was golden. There were waiters walking around with platters in their hands and faeries (i mean they were little golden,glowy people ) were taking food and goblets from the trays and drinking. I am ,of course BLOWN AWAY. There are lots of golden beings ,dancing to music from the middle ages..sort of piroetteing and some flying,there were musicians..I mean the WHOLE enchilada. I was mesmerized. A waiter (for lack of a better description) came by with a large golden platter and I heard inside my head in a VERY clear and loud voice. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK OF THIS.

I was very much caught up in the Spirit of the place but when I heard those words I stopped dead in my tracks,and the next thing I know I am back in my body on the bench. I didn't see the 2 old faced little gnome couple after they opened the hobbit door for me. So, now my mind is BLOWN. I am sitting there,on the bench,it's now getting dark and I am elated. I stumble back to the little bedsit I rented

.As I take off my coat (it was right before Halloween and chilly) and I am thinking about what had just happened, I feel something like wings the size of an open hand flutter out of the top of my jacket across my cheek. I was still so gobsmacked about the Faery Ball I had been to i didn't take much notice until I felt that wing across my cheek. I remember thinking "My God, the moths in this country are HUGE" I put together the size that moth must have been with a wingspan that big and immediately dropped to my knees looking for it because it had to have been the size of a small pidgin. I looked thru my clothes,under my bed,in my underwear,in my luggage,EVERYWHERE. Never found it.hmmmmmm A very curious day I had. ;0)
I love reading this account and coming back to it again, I am still amazed and in awe. Knowing Jad for several years now, I totally believe she had this experience. I wonder how this changes a person. How would it change what you thought of our world and all the unseen possibilities it holds? The responsibility that we have to preserving our planet has a lot more weight than we ever thought. I wonder if in passing we end up in the same heaven.
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