A Debi Update


Sep 16, 2013
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Between here and there...
I know that many of you have been concerned about my sudden absence, and I wanted to give you all an update on the health issue I am dealing with.

First, thank you guys for the prayers. I am so very grateful for them and ask you keep them coming as I jump a few more hoops to get this condition under control.

I got a wild ambulance ride from my doc's office on Tuesday. I walked in and my blood pressure was so high they just called 911.

Now, let me tell you, the paramedics put on 14 electrodes on my ride to the hospital for EKG. Once there, hospital staff didn't like the lead placements, so they threw another 14 leads in different locations. Right now, even after scrubbing, I have so much damn adhesive on me if I threw myself at the wall I'd stick to it. LOL

Long story short, I do have an issue with my heart. It's a common one that goes along with lung issues, but I need to take it slow and easy right now until we can find the right combo of meds to control it. So if I am slow to answer your PM's, or slower on the posts, please bear with me. I will keep you all posted as we go along in this process. I appreciate all prayers right now. They want me to keep the "stress" down, so prayers for a stress free Debi are appreciated as well. I am not good at "stress free" stuff...lol

With that "stress free" in mind, if you have any forum related issues, please refer them to Duke or 7Critter. These two fellas have graciously taken the wheel and will be driving the forum bus for a bit.

Good news was I got them to cut me loose from the hospital before Skinwalker Ranch premier!
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I will pray for you Debi. I am glad you are okay.