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A Christmas Message to Members and Guests



Sep 16, 2013
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South of Indy
Dear Members, Friends and Guests,

It's been a Christmas tradition that I send out a Christmas message to everyone and I'm blessed to be here again this year to do so.

I'm sitting here in the dark, Christmas Eve, and it occured to me that many times this past year I've been sitting in the dark, on this computer, as I've been every night but a few. This last year was another tough one, with a lot of dark moments. The dark kept coming up in my mind and then I realized what the message was this year.

The dark can be a scary place sometimes. Yet I've never been alone in it.

I can't get over how much "Light" has been sent in my direction. I've been blessed with seeing a Being of Light that came to me with a message when I was ill. I have had prayers of Light sent up on my behalf, illuminating the path ahead for me. And I have had each of you who are bright, glowing souls who have touched my heart and surrounded me with love. I have been truly blessed this year by each of the members here who have honored this site by choosing to be here and adding to the Light and Love that is this forum!

I want to remind every one of you how important it is that you remember you have this power within you: to touch another person's life with Light.

So for you, dear members and friends, my Christmas wish to you is for you to be surrounded in Light this year. To those of all faiths, may the Light of the One be within you, may the Light of Love warm your heart, and may you all be a beacon of Love and Light to others this year.

Keep glowing!

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