9-30-2023 Saturday Live Chat

Well my wife is done traveling for work. She'll still have to leave the house for a day here and there. So life here will get back to normal. I've been playing catch up here and hate that. It's also starting to cool down here so I'm trying to get out a few more times fly fishing and a few camping trips. It's also time to train Dakota some more.....she loves it! Then in early to mid November I'm free! Until May 2024....lol

Best of luck to you, brother!
My wife had a concussion in a car accident on the way home, 5-1/12 years ago. Hasn't worked since. Then she suffered a stroke, 2 years ago to the day on Oct. 1st.
My life savings later, she is still here with me. Totally worth it.
Today was my first full day of retirement. :)

I only retired because of a sudden onset of medical issues. Ruined spine, cancer, torn rotator cuff, broken ribs, gout, prostate probkems. All in the same year. While my sweet wife deals with her own, much more serious problems.

We understand, and are always here for you!

Dirt poor, but not alone.
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