9-26-2021 Sunday Live Chat


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Jan 28, 2021
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Utah, USA
Well looks like I'm late to the party again.

Another weekend over and I must have blinked, because I missed it.
Investigation last night, I was leading one of 4 teams at a historical army fort & museum. Really a relaxed investigation, lots of small, ecouraging gear hits on vatious parts of the extended spectrum, as well as spidey-sense. Part was outdoors and the evening temperature was perfect around midnight.

But my dogs are barking, my butt is kicked, my back is being vengeful for running-around last night like I was 25. Waiting for the muscle-relaxant to kick in so I can lay down. My back woke me up early this morning so I moved down to the couch and managed to doze two more hours sitting up without much pain.

Back to work tomorrow on just half a tank. I turn 63 next week. How much longer can I keep this up? Times like tonight find me taking stock. The process keeps getting faster as inventory disappears, lol.

Goodnight, all. I'm late for my nightly appointmet with the sandman. He's used to it, no worries. ;)
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