9-21-2022 Wednesday Live Chat

This made me think of "Puff, The Magic Dragon" by Peter, Paul, & Mary.

We have one in our podcast studio right now. In fact Amazon just delivered a box of spare bulbs. Groovy!

Good Wednesday morning, my paranormal tribe.
I had to take yesterday off thanks to a complete lack of energy. Thyroid-related. Back in the saddle today, thankfully. The end is in sight for this fatigue, however, as my doctor is scheduling my treatment now. Once completed, life gets back to "normal" for a few months. Knock on wood, lol. Just a couple more weeks.
Kayaking season is winding-down, weather is keeping us off the water this week after work. A good time to get some work done on the boats. I am adding some removable deck cleats for rope attachment and some high-backed seats with more support. Also a six-inch deck hatch for storing a couple of items in the boat permanently. Doing my friend's boat as well. We will be ready for the new season next spring.
No doctor appointments today after work, just a small grocery run. Yesterday afternoon I got a great report from my spine doc, I shouldn't need another injection until after Thanksgiving. Those have saved my life, I hardly ever experience sciatica symptoms since getting the injections. Just one appointment tomorrow then Friday is my Skinwalker panel at FanX in Salt Lake City. Hope to see you all there!

Have a wonderful day, everyone.

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But actually, a group of crows is called a Murder.

My kids found that out years ago and found it to be pretty funny/macabre. One day we were out running errands and there were two crows pecking at a piece of bread someone had dropped on the ground. The kids were watching the action when my daughter pointed out a third crow had landed nearby and was hopping over. I don't know if they planned this or that the two of them are that in tune with their offbeat humor, but she cried out "Oh no! There's another one!" and without missing a beat my son exclaimed "It's an attempted murder!"
The Chicago White Sox are dead. We had a world beater and they just laid down. This is going to be a long cold winter.
Hi Guys... stopped in to PROFUSELY apologize for my total freak out last night. Instead of a long explanation (and there is one)... as to WHY that freak out came... just accept that it has been a long long LONG few months of battles hard won (and lost) and to me, being unable to connect with this Home, and the fear that rose within me for you all, together and separately, well... let's just say all the light bulbs in the cabin did not break... but they dimmed so much (never to return) that they had to be replaced. I'm still shaking.

For all the Light in me... there is an equal amount of darkness I must face and battle every minute of everyday. Last night... hmmm... didn't go so well. 'sigh'

Hela ~ Paint it Black

But, with the new day and this apology I will start again, as is my Nature. Be Well. Be Safe. Be At Peace. Surrounded in The Light.

Far From Home (The Raven)