6-11-2024 Tuesday Live Chat

Morning peeps. Round #2 of Covid rebound is kicking my butt…it makes you feel almost less than nothing. Jus run down and congested. Slept 11 hrs last night. On all kinds of meds including antibiotics. It’s funny, little things make you feel somewhat normal. For instance, something I never ever do is wash my face in the morning. I started doing that 3 days ago and it really makes you feel more alive.
Meanwhile outside, the Sunflowers have started to bud and bloom….
Hope everyone is doing well .


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Something that I learned this morning: The coffee looked, smelled, and tasted much better when I put ground coffee beans in the filter the second time.
Do you know what “robbing the pot” is? On commercial coffee pots when the coffee starts to come out, you count to 5 then quickly remove the carafe and put your cup in there to fill, when done quickly replace the carafe. The coffee you get is stronger, and has way better flavor than the end! Done it many many times!
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