5-24-2023 Wednesday Live Chat

Wonderful! Would love to see a pic once the fish are in and to know what kind you choose.
I am going to have two or three fancy goldfish. Herbie has outgrown his 10 gal. tank.
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Hey everyone.

It was a quiet day in Lake Wobegone.

Supped and on the couch in my jammies. It was a "what needs to get used/what's on-hand night", so I steamed some cabbage, zucchini,& broccoli, found some huge frozen steak fries meant to be baked or air-fried, and I made some thick ground beef patties seasoned with Montreal Steak seasoning. Kelly calls it a "Chuck Special" but she got it all over the hill. She loves steamed cabbage. I seasoned the veg with lemon pepper. Had a little A-1 with my beef.
A thunderstorm passed through a few minutes ago, a hazy sun is trying for a late comeback.
Going to the nursery tomorrow for a few starts, hopefully the rain holds off long enough to get them planted.
I am slow to get back to full speed after being ill and injured most of last winter. I set a moderate pace today but my butt is kicked. We are kayaking Monday and I look forward to it. I surely need the exercise!
Rest well, my paranormal friends