5-24-2023 Wednesday Live Chat

Find the bird with the unique hat!

It's Screech !
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Morning Paraforms! Alaska countdown has begun, 4 days! Today is all about Gratitude…….Very Grateful to God for my loving wife, new truck, new cat, pretty good job. For the first time probably since my teens or early 20s everything is going my way and I am so extremely grateful for it. Also grateful for my new family here at Paraforms, View attachment 48325 Debi. and my closer friends you know who you are, hope everyone has a wonderful day!
I'm happy for you 2Rivs, enjoy your trip, take tons on pics :D
In yesterdays chat Stevedog talked about his sense of smell. I found this interesting as I have what my Doctor calls "Hyper Sensitivity." Where all of my senses are hyper stimulated. So for me multiply by 20.
Many times it has come in handy, however many times it drives me crazy especially my hearing :/ I swear I can hear a mouse fart from 5 miles away lol :p