5-15-2023 Monday Live Chat


:p Please tell Geronimo he is bogarting the caviar.
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Forget the caviar...bring on the baked potato and sour cream! Top mine with bacon, please.
twice baked is nice too. Right Geronimo?
it's got a nice umami taste and a bit salty. It's more like the fresh ocean taste of sea urchin and the texture of little exploding boba. Nothing chicken "egg-like" I LOVE it. When I was in Russia in '91 i could buy 5.3 ounce jar (currently a lesser quality caviar is $1000.00 ) of the best Beluga for 20 bucks on the black market. I'd eat it by the spoonful with a tiny ivory spoon ,in the morning before work, when I got home..straight out of the jar. I had my little fridge packed with jars of it. Pleeeease come back, 80's and 90's.
the cheap stuff (weird pink color) has larger eggs and tastes like bait,cuz. it is ;vo
Hell of a sioux chief (see what I did there?) haha
he's got my last haircut. My hairdresser must have been watching a lot of westerns

I asked for a sous chef ,not a Sioux Chief. man,I like that one