5-1-2023 Monday Live Chat


1st place
As promised. ( I’m sure all you old farts know who that is. Lol)
…can’t miss those headlights

2nd place


and in second place ..similar headlights …but I wouldn’t grab those boobies. She looks like she’d pull your teeth out your butthole and stomp on ‘em.

Last place


Scientists Still Stumped By The Evolution of Human Breasts

I’m gunna make a commercial with that depressing abandoned pet song and switch out sad dogs to boobies…
“ In the arms of an angel…
Every hour in B.C. boobies are abused…
3,000 boobies were rescued last year…

Please be kind.. For just $5 a day, you can send a boobie to college.

Tell’em “Tit’s sent ya!”


RE Sarah McLachlan /Sad dog commercial makes me want to kick the first dog I see!! …If I see that commercial ONE more time, I’m gunna poke my eyes out with a fork. Then I’m gunna pray that I forget how to swim so I can drown myself.

“boobies make everything better”.
T. Malloy


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  • Haha
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Heard that we had the 4th coldest May 1 on record for our area today. Somebody dared whisper the "S" flurries word for tomorrow morning!

Meanwhile, good evening to all. Sorry I am late this evening. I am hurting a bit tonight because I did a "thing" today not on my "allowed" list to do! Ya know, when you're young and a rebel it's cool...not so much when you are older! There is a price to be paid...lol
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