2-4-2023 Saturday Live Chat

Ok this is a test. What am I talking. about?

1 OMG did you just hear that?
2 Wait, what was that? WHAT was that?
3. Sounds like a woman's voice.Or a babies ...or a llama in heat......
4 Did you just see that,? in the corner of the kitchen... I think I saw a ball of light...
5. It's so cold in here, did you feel the temperature change??

6. i absolutely just heard a growl...and then,.I think it said. GET THE ....FU...FU...FU..FUCCC...........heck OUT !!!!!

and on the next season of { Any Paranormal investigation show I've ever seen.}
I love Dave Schrader. I do enjoy HOLZER FILES ..but some of these shows.... Wonder what our boy Timothy is doing these days? (probably stress eating)Does Dave still do his radio show?
He and Tim are no longer doing a show together. They each have their own shows now!
Well, Wanted to post a recipe for Wisconsin beer cheese soup.
Oh well....