12-24-2022 Saturday Christmas Eve Live Chat

At least the sun is out ! Brrrr

In our house we usually reserve the day after Thanksgiving as the day we spend decorating the house for Christmas. This year we asked the kids about setting up the tree and decorating, their response was 'Meh. We don't feel like doing it but we're okay if Mom wants to do it." So my wife said, 'Fine no tree if that's what they want' thinking they would regret that decision and be begging to put up a tree last minute. As of today there is no tree up, the kids are fine but my wife freaking out about being a horrible mother who doesn't have a tree up for the kids. I managed to calm her down by pointing out that the only things our youngest asked for was some t-shirts and stocks/bonds.
For the Love of All That's holy would you please get that Christmas tree up !
While that's admirable that your youngest would want financial instruments for Christmas - you can always threaten him with Chicago municipal bonds.

What a wonderful beautiful morning with the Sun out and the wind behaving. The weather says-20°. Not feeling it ! Makes me wonder why I even bother to put on my snow pants.

Start up the truck and ran it for 5 minutes while I uprighted my Christmas tree. All good.

I never heard so many of those funny Christmas songs before. Thanks ! I got to go look up that Billy Squier one.