1-1-2023 New Years Day Sunday Live Chat

Unfortunately Dark Matter will have to be postponed for at least a month.
My RCPII has decided to not work anymore. This is a $700 device.

The screen is dead. And I just got some sound out of it.... it is bad.
It has to go back to Rode and they'll send me a replacement.

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Happy New Year!

It was raining when we retired last evening, but we awoke to 4 inches of new snow this morning, and it is still falling. My neck and shoulder started hurting again last night after three days of being pain free.
I am sure it's because I now have a 100 foot long driveway to clear, and a Christmas tree to take down, lol.

Every year since my wife's concussion has been worse than the prior year. It will be 5 years in March. Please, Lord, let 2023 be the year it all turns around.