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  1. T

    Can Anyone Help Validate This Experiance?

    My partner got a spirit box and wanted to try it out and we got some answers. I have never used a spirit box so I just wondered if they are reliable or not? The responses we got seemed to respond to the questions we asked. There were five different voices we heard. A voice with a heavy accent...
  2. T

    Hearing the voice of a dead friend or loved one?

    I am wondering if anyone has ever heard the voice of a deceased friend or loved one? if so, what it said? Was the voice random (out of nowhere)? Was it clear as day? Did it identify you and itself and try to communicate with you? Were there other people around or we're you alone? Was the voice...
  3. G

    My Experiences | What is wrong with me?

    This is going to be quite a long post, but I think it may help others to know they aren't alone! It'd also really help me to get this off my chest. ---------- I cant ever remember a time not being afraid, paranoid, or "weird". My very first memory EVER was of my great grandmas funeral. I was...
  4. U

    Is this a Spirit? Ghost? Orb?Or some form of Unknown?

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  5. JustRandomGurl

    White cat

    (Sorry for my bad english) My family usually told me that we have a strong connection with witches, because we lived on a village where that was normal. Well, I tend to saw and hear things, even it became normal. But a few days ago I saw a pure white cat in front of me. It was strange because...
  6. Salem Wilder Fox

    Scared Soulless, Please Help?

    God, this is going to be a ridiculously long explanation for me to type out. So...my partner may have something attached to him. I noticed a presence in June of 2018 when he moved into my apartment. Mind you, I'd been living there a while before then. I had never noticed anything of the sort...
  7. M

    Why did it stop?

    okay so I used to often have paranormal experiences. I’d smell things, feel things and sometimes see things, but for the past year or so- nothing. Does anyone know why this could be? I miss feeling in touch with spirits. Could it be stress, mental health?
  8. N

    A man with a golden aura

    A couple months ago, i had a memory pop up in my mind that was buried in my brain for years, and it has been bugging me. Of course it could just be a child's imagination but i just remember that it was so extremely real. So, let me start. I was around 4-5 years old, it was a winter night around...
  9. Herbal Jaguar

    Wife was disturbed by spirit

    Hello PF, my wife last night had seen a man sitting on the edge of our bed but his eyes were melting. As well she said that when her eyes were open and closed she saw eyes looking at her. She also said that she could feel a cold wind on the back of her legs while whe was lying belly down. The AC...
  10. Gul Shinwari

    I need some help regarding Djinn so if somone couldplease come and talk to me in PM or here

    Hello guys, My name is Gul im 25 years old and since 10 years I have a Marid Djinn but since i ever got one My life has been a rollercoaster and I need someone with experience to explain my situation to and have there expert input on it so i know what to do or how to move on from this moment...
  11. Lisa

    Presence following me since a child?

    : I know this is long but please read. Lately I have tried to figure out if I am being followed by a presence, spirit, or something. My first time seeing something unexplainable was when I was around 5-6, I was hearing noises outside my bedroom window, I was too short to see out of it so I...
  12. EmoTategami

    Is a spirit able to cling to a person..?

    I feel the need to share my experiences with strangers as I'm hoping for some honest feedback. First of all, if I'm expressing myself a little weird or spelling wrong I want you to know I'm Norwegian and English is not my first language. But I do my best. If anything at all is unclear, please...
  13. N

    Old Fort Ghost.

    This is one of my more recent experiences, though I have had a number over the years, and this has not been my last. The only reason that I will mention that I am in law enforcement, is because it does play a large part in this account. I will not mention my department/agency for obvious...
  14. WatcherOfTheNight

    The Midnight Cyclist

    This one is a local legend in my village, and one that a lot of people believe in. I thought I'd share it for you all, and see if anyone else has any similar local spooks. So, my village is haunted by the so-called midnight cyclist. I say "is haunted" as if it's definitely true, and actually...
  15. CosmicKitten

    Light Being 2nd experience

    So this was a little more recent and unexplained, when I was around 16 or 17 the last encounter I had with a light being was when I was coming back from the hospital (still unsure why but I was otw back from the clinic due to vomiting over and over nearly every morning for over a year or longer...
  16. reillydj36

    A ghost living through my friend. Looking for answers and/or confirmation.

    So something crazy has happened this summer. My friend went off to her home country and everyone there has been saying she's just like her great grandmother who died years ago. Get ready for a hell of a story that also involves voodoo in addition to ghosts, and if you read through the entire...
  17. Spotless bin

    Johnny: The ghost of Gladstone villa.

    My family and I lived at a large property called Gladstone villa in the former mining town of Bargoed which is in the Caerphilly county borough of the South Wales valleys, near Cardiff, this was throughout the 1970's. We experienced things that simply defied rational explanation like footsteps...