spirit communication

  1. T

    Can Anyone Help Validate This Experiance?

    My partner got a spirit box and wanted to try it out and we got some answers. I have never used a spirit box so I just wondered if they are reliable or not? The responses we got seemed to respond to the questions we asked. There were five different voices we heard. A voice with a heavy accent...
  2. Aster

    I did a not so smart thing and now am curious

    Hello all! My name is Aster, I'm very new to this site, though something strange happened to me and I'd like other viewpoints on what it could be. To begin I'd like to say I really love the paranormal. I'm a believer of ghosts and other entities through experiences I've had in the past. I...
  3. L

    Help. Hearing Knocking 4 times.

    It all started when I had a dream hugging an x friend. I woke up at 1AM to 4 knocks like someone was knocking on the door and it was loud too. My husband was asleep out cold. He is a deep sleeper as am I. And I heard it and then a week later I heard it again at 2AM and last night I heard it at...
  4. R

    Please Explain (¿paranormal? Experience)

    I’m new to this page and in my teens, recently strange activities have been going on in my house. Specifically in the upstairs and especially in my room, lights flickering seems like an electrical issue; however I can’t seem to explain the way it doesn’t feel normal like a power cut without...
  5. B

    Ghosts that show you how they died

    Ok, so all my life I have been able to sense energy from people, alive or dead, but recently some spirits have been showing me how they died while I sleep, so they are like nightmares but I know they are not because I the main "character" appears brighter and leads the way through it all. Well...
  6. Debi

    Tesla Spirit Radio experiment