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  1. Spook300

    Terrifying Dream

    Hey all. I know I haven't posted anything in a long time, but here's a little backstory on that. I suffer from depression and sometimes I go weeks, months, even years without wanting to interact with very many people. So, it's not because I don't like this site, I actually love it. It's just me...
  2. Ahal101

    Paranormal experience returned

    Hi guys new here and I need some help with some recent experiences that started happening again . Last time in remember anything happening was when I was in High school..... This one is from last night So It was around 3 am ish everyone was asleep ...... the girls (my daughters 2&4) started...
  3. L

    Help. Hearing Knocking 4 times.

    It all started when I had a dream hugging an x friend. I woke up at 1AM to 4 knocks like someone was knocking on the door and it was loud too. My husband was asleep out cold. He is a deep sleeper as am I. And I heard it and then a week later I heard it again at 2AM and last night I heard it at...
  4. T

    Ghost nanny

    When I was younger (from 4-8) I suffered from nightmares ( no idea why) i remember waking up in the middle of the night from a nightmare about 3 times a week. I distinctly rember having a lullaby sung to me (can't remember the lullaby) and my hair being stroked. I always thought that this was...
  5. garnetsilver

    Possibly Benevolent Activity?

    This has happened at least three times over the past year. I would be sound asleep, and the first time, someone shook my shoulder hard enough to wake me. I thought it was my husband, but he was not in the room. Another time, someone tapped my foot while I was asleep. Just a week ago, someone...
  6. Herbal Jaguar

    Wife was disturbed by spirit

    Hello PF, my wife last night had seen a man sitting on the edge of our bed but his eyes were melting. As well she said that when her eyes were open and closed she saw eyes looking at her. She also said that she could feel a cold wind on the back of her legs while whe was lying belly down. The AC...