1. Spotless bin

    UFO in Bargoed.

    My mother Caroline said that she once saw a UFO while visiting her grandmother In North road, but the way she described it made me rather skeptical. She said it was in the sky, just still and it was a cigar shape, well to be honest, to me that sounds like a weather balloon
  2. Spotless bin

    Johnny: The ghost of Gladstone villa.

    My family and I lived at a large property called Gladstone villa in the former mining town of Bargoed which is in the Caerphilly county borough of the South Wales valleys, near Cardiff, this was throughout the 1970's. We experienced things that simply defied rational explanation like footsteps...
  3. JustinCancilliere

    Toyol, Toyol, Kids and Trouble

    Check it out!! An all new episode!! "Toyol, Toyol, Kids and Trouble" Justin and Erik discuss the creature known as the Toyol. - Intro - The legend of the Toyol - Other creatures throughout the world that are like the Toyol - Black eyed kids, men in black, and other like creatures of the night...
  4. M

    Ouija Table

    I do not know if it is true but when I read this news I documented even more. Not having the ouija table I decided to download an app Ouija Tab, guys I do not know if it is true but every now and then I heard voices coming out of the cellphone and the shadows passing behind me ... when I said...
  5. AustinHinton

    From One Haunt To Another

    I grew up in a town called Utica, located in central Ohio, it was not a large town, scarcely more than a village, and a rather old one at that, founded little more after Ohio itself was. Most well known for the Velvet Ice Cream factory located just outside of town. But I didn't come here to talk...
  6. JustinCancilliere

    Paranormal Chill

    Check it out!! An all new episode!! "Paranormal Chill" Justin and Erik bring on good friend, Jamie Glanville, to discuss his paranormal experiences. - Intro w/Jamie Glanville - Haunted locations - Paranormal investigations - Orbs in an investigation - Post show - Outro Join us for another...
  7. JustinCancilliere

    The Paranormal Stinks!!

    - Intro w/Joshua Cutchin - Paranormal Smells - The relation of sulfuric scents & ghosts/cryptids - The manifestation of perfume and cigars - Can paranormal scents be debunked - Post show - Public trips to Mars by 2019 - Outro The Paranormal Stinks!!
  8. JustinCancilliere

    Immortality of the Gods W/Nick Redfern

    Check it out!! An all new episode!! “Immortality of the Gods” W/special guest, Nick Redfern Justin and Erik welcome back Nick Redfern to discuss his book, “Immortality of the Gods”. We discuss what made him write the trilogy leading up to this book, what white gold dust is and what it can do...
  9. 7Critter

    3-19-2017 Sunday Live PNF Chat Portal

  10. JustinCancilliere

    Monsters Among Us

    Check it out!! An all new episode!! “Monsters Among Us” W/special guest, Linda Godfrey Justin and Erik welcome back Linda Godfrey to discuss her latest book, “Monsters Among Us”. We discuss how this book is different than her last book “American Monsters”, dogmen, Bigfoot sightings, and so much...
  11. 7Critter

    2-27-2017 Monday Live PNF Chat Portal

  12. JustinCancilliere

    Alternate Realities: Fact or Fiction?

    Check it out!! An all new episode!! “Alternate Realities: Fact or Fiction?” Justin and Erik discuss the Mandela Effect and alternate realities. We discuss the basis of the Mandela Effect, what kind of events show the phenomenon, what is really happening, and so much more! Alternate Realities...
  13. Debi

    Redefining "Paranormal"

    I've been thinking. Yes, I know that's a dangerous thing. My children have already told me and Mr. Bird has left the room until I stop blowing out the lightbulbs here with the effort. However, I wish to bring up something that I'm seeing in the paranormal world. First, the word "paranormal"...
  14. JustinCancilliere

    Pykrete?! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Pykrete!!

    Check it out!! An all new episode!! “Pykrete?! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Pykrete!!” Justin and Erik discuss the ice boats of WWII. We discuss the discovery of Geoffrey Pyke, what pykrete is, why the ice boats were going to be used, and so much more! Join us for another amazing show!! Also make...
  15. JustinCancilliere

    Prayer and the Paranormal

    Check it out!! An all new episode!! “Prayer and the Paranormal” With special guest, Jon Mallard Justin and Erik bring on Jon Mallard to talk about prayer and how it made him believe in the paranormal. We discuss how prayer and medicine saved his father’s life, how science and religion are so...
  16. JustinCancilliere


    Check it out!! An all new episode!! “Para-Hysteria” With special guest co-host,Kay Carswell Justin and Erik bring back Kay Carswell of Deception Dection Radio to discuss the topic of mass hysteria. We discuss what mass hysteria is by definition, the different cases we came across, our personal...
  17. JustinCancilliere

    Jack the Ripper: Mystery Solved?

    Check it out!! An all new episode!! “Jack the Ripper: Mystery Solved?” With special guest, Randy Williams Justin and Erik talk to special guest, Randy Williams, about his theory on Jack the Ripper. We discuss how Randy got into researching this case, how he came up with his theory, the...
  18. K

    Spirit in apartment

    i just moved into a new apartment about a month ago some weird things were happening (things moving etc) so we joked about a spirit in the house. Now, toothbrushes etc turn on in he night and one day I went to turn it off and pee, while I was peeing a deodorant flew off the counter. We have this...
  19. 7Critter

    12-16 Friday Live Portal

  20. O

    Ghost Hunters, Let's Get Real

    Hello. My name is Obsidian. I have never been to this forum before, and 30 minutes ago I didn't know it existed. I'm at Tim Horton's for their wifi and I can't access, where I normally post, due to their no porn internet policy. This might be the only time I post here, maybe not. I...