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  1. garnetsilver

    Disturbing Dream

    I want to blame it on eating a food that my doctor has asked me to avoid (gluten) but last night, I spent the entire night in the most awful space I have ever dreamed of. Having said that, it didn't really feel like a dream, but as if I were trapped there and couldn't leave. It's rare, but...
  2. B

    Ghosts that show you how they died

    Ok, so all my life I have been able to sense energy from people, alive or dead, but recently some spirits have been showing me how they died while I sleep, so they are like nightmares but I know they are not because I the main "character" appears brighter and leads the way through it all. Well...
  3. Nephthys

    Anna Lynn

    I had a nightmare last night, and I carried into the day. I was driving in my car, just doing errands, and I stopped in front of this two story house. I felt like I was supposed to be there, like I was late to a meeting feeling. I knocked on the door and a little girl, about 8 or so answered. I...
  4. N


    Hi guys, so I recently moved in with my boyfriend into a shared house. Since we moved in I’ve started having nightmares very regularly, and my boyfriend has told me that on multiple occasions I have sat up in bed, looked around and layed down again, as well as getting up, walking around the room...
  5. Taliesin

    Updated: Possible psychic dream

    Last night I had a long dream taking place in New York. It started off really nice. I met a beautiful and sweet woman on a date. Normally I don't remember names or numbers (from dreams or real life =P ) But strangely enough a couple of nights ago I had a dream of my school crush. And I...