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  1. LostGirl95

    What kind of shadow entity was this?

    So before I tell this experience to anyone, I’m just going to say this happened several years ago, but I do remember it very vividly. This was a time when I had sleep paralysis without any hallucinations, but I did experience them when I was fully awake and out of bed due to medications… or so...
  2. M

    Advice needed - Strange terrifying entity in my head/mind

    Hello, I'm new here and hope I'm posting this correctly and in the right place. This is something I've been very worried about and pretty scared. Recently I've been having a bit of a rough patch, unrelated things I won't get into. Through everything, I had this weird internal vision of and...
  3. S

    Xfaced Square Head Entity/visitor?

    Has anyone else ever seen an square head xfaced entity with a round tear drop shaped body about or a little over 6' tall and round hands and feet. Iv seen him standing in my doorway with a red body and head with a black X with no facial features just a black X and my brother saw the same thing...
  4. H

    Do Homemade Ouija Boards Work?

    (I'm new here, sorry if this isn't the right spot to post this thread) A couple days ago I made a cardboard ouija board just to see if anything would happen, and it was spectacularly disappointing. Granted, I was using it alone and I wasn't in a house or anything and I don't know if that's got...
  5. R

    Please Explain (¿paranormal? Experience)

    I’m new to this page and in my teens, recently strange activities have been going on in my house. Specifically in the upstairs and especially in my room, lights flickering seems like an electrical issue; however I can’t seem to explain the way it doesn’t feel normal like a power cut without...
  6. super_neko_lover

    Shadow people or something else? Experienced until 13 yrs old

    All my childhood I was terrified of the dark. I HAD to sleep with my mom in the same bed as me. This wasn't a bratty kid thing, I felt like this was for my own safety. I felt such a heavy presence in the dark it was awful. I had recurring nightmares for years. But anyways, I did see things in...
  7. ivana96

    Shadow people and Scary experiences.. help!

    So i’ve experiences a lot of creepy and paranormal experiences these last couple years, which all started from having sleep paralysis. I still experience sleep paralysis with a lot of other stuff. I’ve experienced while in sleep paralysis that someone is touching, poking, tickling, and laying...
  8. reillydj36

    A ghost living through my friend. Looking for answers and/or confirmation.

    So something crazy has happened this summer. My friend went off to her home country and everyone there has been saying she's just like her great grandmother who died years ago. Get ready for a hell of a story that also involves voodoo in addition to ghosts, and if you read through the entire...
  9. Nephthys

    The children I see I don't know how to help

    I don't go ghost hunting, but sometimes I see children, in my dreams or out in public, but I want to help. They never seem malevolent but I don't know what to do. This began when I was a pre-teen, I was getting off the school bus in Riverton Utah, there was a little boy lying in the ditch next...
  10. M

    Freaked out and scared. Please help

    All right guys, im pretty freaked out right now and honestly scared. I came to this site seeking answer since Google and everything else has failed me. I don't really believe in ghost but I am open minded. My mom is old school Mexican lady and in my culture praying to the dead and all that...
  11. T

    Cemetery with 36 broken headstones

    My father just recently passed away on May 1st due to brain cancer and was buried at a small rural cemetery on a family farm. The reason he was allowed to be buried here was because his late great great grandfather was buried there many years ago and my father desperately wanted to be buried...