1. Bob

    Bob Bain Show (Whatever the name is!)

  2. SoulStream

    Meeting my ghost, face to face

    I've lived on a haunted ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills for 40+ years. In that time, I've watched everything from doors opening and closing in my house with no one "there" to 8 foot tall shadow people in my garden every November and countless moves of objects like keys and small items to...
  3. GentleCalmLovingSpirit

    Haunted Towns, Ghost Towns, Haunted Saloons and Hotels. What is your story?

    I live a couple of hours away from some of the most haunted locations in the west. The Silver Dollar Saloon, The Old Washoe Club and the Silver Queen Hotel in Nevada. I have watched a shot glass move on its own, been next to a full body apparition, and have been touched by something I did could...
  4. garnetsilver

    Two Night Cats

    As most of you know, my darling cat died on the 4th of last month. She started visiting me a few days after that, bringing me great comfort. Now, nearly every night as soon as I settle down to sleep, she snuggles down near my feet and seems content to stay there. Lately I have thought that...
  5. T

    Hearing the voice of a dead friend or loved one?

    I am wondering if anyone has ever heard the voice of a deceased friend or loved one? if so, what it said? Was the voice random (out of nowhere)? Was it clear as day? Did it identify you and itself and try to communicate with you? Were there other people around or we're you alone? Was the voice...
  6. ChloeNRed

    I'm new here, but not new to paranormal experiences..

    Hey, So, first shot in the dark, I experience paranormal on the regular, and I'm excited to meet other people that do too, this is my weird way of introducing my way to this community. Since I was a little girl I've seen shadow figures, as of last year I began to see light figures, and on one...
  7. EmoTategami

    Is a spirit able to cling to a person..?

    I feel the need to share my experiences with strangers as I'm hoping for some honest feedback. First of all, if I'm expressing myself a little weird or spelling wrong I want you to know I'm Norwegian and English is not my first language. But I do my best. If anything at all is unclear, please...
  8. garnetsilver

    Young daughter's experience with paranormal

  9. Debi

    Famous Ghost mine up for sale

    Ghost Mine: Oregon's Infamously Haunted Crescent Mine is up for Sale Oregon’s Infamously Haunted Crescent Mine, Featured on Syfy, is up for Sale Just in Time for Christmas! By Dana Matthews on 12/08/2016@Weird_Dana If you’re looking to buy a gift for the paranormal enthusiast who already owns...