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    Chasing Dogmen

    It sounds terrifying. Do you think there is a connection to the dog ai business in Japan that developed red glowing light eyed robot dogs to guard farm fields (you told us about it)? Some researcher indicated they believe that one form of extra terrestrial may be a dog /doglike. I don't...
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    Egyption Tomb Virtual Tour

    Do you have to pay to visit museums online? This might be a good time to video shorts of a haunted house tour, or a big foot walk search video.
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    COVID-19 Information updates

    Debi can you research - figure out this last surprise ? Articles are posting a surprisingly lower amount of deaths among Asthmatics. See articles in NY Times and others such as: "Asthma not common among COVID 19 patients who have died/ Physicians Weekly" Two Main Factors to consider might...
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    Solar Winds

    I heard solar winds make the green colored sky lights I saw visiting further north once. I wonder why its true something so stellar (& official, science) can make something seem like the earth wearing a drape or theater rippled velvet in the night sky/ a show for human eyes. I read once high...
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    Do you have a prayer request?

    Let us pray for comfort for one another For noticing any thing of any grand comfort & gratitude during life's storm For some simple cares & repeated comforts routine that triggers memory of past comforts that lift up & embrace you Let all lifes comforts flow through to you like coffee in a cup...
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    Life/Stress/Covid Support thread

    Wow! Cherry Bars! I want to make that! But cherries? I wonder if dried cherries can make pie filling?
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    Eerie face seen in video

    Thank you Debi I mean that um digital programmers select patterns, light, contrast by a computer program "insert" that controls the "lense" like "impact" result Instead of a um mirror stick click glued image of what a physical camera "sees" is like a reflection stuck life , glued moment visual...
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    Best and Worst....

    The hopping low riders which were originally huge family cars (Near the first tiny Toyotas /driven by rich kids as new cars status symbols during the gas crisis in the seventies) In the same parking lot as lowered Chevy step side pick up trucks glistening shiny paint in the sunshine who...
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    Eerie face seen in video

    Yes to belief things can "get through" and "things can be" Is a digital camera video ' s maker programming exceptional or preferential to different waves of light? Compared to old movie film? Video old camera officianados professionals rank amateur historians - can you assess this fit me?
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    WGN bringing back "The Rest of the Story"

    Years & years ago, I listened to Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" in a forrest service van shuttling from base camp to meadows, timber thinning sites, and trails- caught radio stations from all over in the High Sierra. That wonderful show /
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    Intention required?

    Someone else's script which you devalue, will not protect you. If you mock it by using it, & you contempt it disbelieve yet sight read it like an bad actor in a play - I don't know if that will protect that place or moment, let alone you (Sigh) However I think angels can stand in & protect...
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    I Want Candy....

    Candy store Fav/ Sees Candies lemon truffle Home made: Lemon butter cream (thick tart frosting) & chocolate chips chocolate bars cocoa dark butter cream chocolate mouse whipped chocolate cream icing Home made on the spot: Chocolate chips stirred in coffee eaten with a spoon is wonderful...
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    3/31 Caption This

    On the Road again
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    3/31 Caption This

    Heavy load / on the road
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    Cute or scary?

    Oh no no no no Its the eyes! Looks like it owns the human servants -runs the house.
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    The Potato Question

    I like french fried potatoes that are kind of barely crispy outside-just done ; long, fresh cut, cooked soft, looped over almost stuck together, soft looped over like long potato thick spaghettis, with salt /ketchup if they be cold plain if hot.
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    Life/Stress/Covid Support thread

    Wow that doctors office change sounds dramatic (well planned ) scary. It’s been ten days since asked seniors & coexisting health conditions to stay home, and I don’t know how long since Governor directed everyone to stay home. I am learning how to live with a distance worker do meetings and...
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    Museum of Illusions

    What a neat place, Have you ever been somewhere like that before?
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    Decorate "The Nest"

    How about pretty rocks and stones for a bookend, the birdbath, a hearth, or a windowsill which is beautiful to perch on.