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  1. Ronin

    Road Trip, 2019 edition, Opening

    Now THAT'S playing the long game. The Detroit girl is lining up her victims a year in advance. ;)
  2. Ronin

    Change that station!

    I can't tell you necessarily *why* I don't like Rush, but I don't. But my answer really should have been Journey. I wouldn't piss on those guys if they were on fire.
  3. Ronin

    Feds warn on Area 51

    It could definitely be a good reality check moment for the rather large, narcissistic crowd that's developed around social media.
  4. Ronin

    The Roach Robot

    Search and Rescue? Yeah, that's not what it'll be used for, if you'll pardon the cynicism.
  5. Ronin

    Bigfoot at Mammoth Cave Natl. Park?

    There are just enough of them in the Middlesboro/Pineville area to keep you alert, but they're pretty well shy of humans. Same for bobcats, in fact. We go up there twice a year and family will tell us about the rare sighting of either.
  6. Ronin

    Meth 'Gators, A newthreat

    Why are they flushing perfectly good drugs down the toilet? I mean, asking for a friend...
  7. Ronin

    Haunting Question

    If there's a physical explanation, I'd wonder how the killing fields of the two world wars impacted things? There's definitely a cultural difference in perception, though, as has been pointed out. Americans do tend to be more excitable overall.
  8. Ronin

    Arctic Hysteria and Dyatlov Pass

    Even if this was true, it's a symptom, not a cause. But, I don't believe in any kind of mass hallucination. Duke had an interesting idea. I was thinking along the lines of an emission from the Earth; it happens occasionally in Yellowstone that gases escape in unusual places and harm or kill...
  9. Ronin

    And I didn't like....

  10. Ronin

    Change that station!

    Chicago or Rush. No rap? Really? I have a soft spot in my heart for the old school. Doesn't hurt that Run DMC were some of the nicest guys I chanced to meet. That's distinct from more modern, liquid porn "hip hop."
  11. Ronin

    Road Trip, 2019 edition, Opening

    Day 6 - Omaha So, it turns out there was a reason we couldn't get a room. It was Thursday June 20th. You know what else happens then in Omaha? Ok, I would have said "nothing", too, but we'd have both been wrong: the College World Series. And we were less than a mile from one of the stadiums...
  12. Ronin

    Road Trip, 2019 edition, Opening

    And a couple more pics from Day 5
  13. Ronin

    Road Trip, 2019 edition, Opening

    Day 6 - More disappointment We got up a bit early, packed, and got the hell out of there. It apparently wasn't just me - the place made my son uneasy, too. Driving into Rocky Mountain National Park from the west is much, much different than from the east. The park is much more east-loaded, if...
  14. Ronin

    Road Trip, 2019 edition, Opening

    Day 5 - the great plans crumble Now, I still don't have enough things in the Grand Junction area picked out to warrant a return visit. But we didn't stop there by accident - it was to spend time visiting the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery. I personally took no pictures, but it was a beautiful...
  15. Ronin

    Road Trip, 2019 edition, Opening

    Day 5 Yeah, there's PLENTY of civilization between I-15 and Monument Valley. It is an absolutely gorgeous drive. I cannot recommend it enough. We went through Lake Mead, up 15 to Saint George for Chick-Fil-A (just 3 miles from Southern Utah Pole Dance!!), and then out 9 heading for Monument...
  16. Ronin

    Road Trip, 2019 edition, Opening

    Day 4 Hoover Dam, is a fantastic structure and one that I would like to place in my top 5 list of places I've been. But I can't. The damn and site are fantastic - I've been there twice before, in 2006 and again in 2014. This time, though, I was thoroughly disgusted by the experience. It was...
  17. Ronin

    Road Trip, 2019 edition, Opening

    Day 3 Here's where the meat of the trip starts. We headed west fairly early and caught traffic doing mostly 80+, so we actually gained a fair amount of time, which would come in handy later. The driving itself was notable for two things: we had our first (and only, I believe) road rage incident...
  18. Ronin

    Road Trip, 2019 edition, Opening

    So it's been what, nearly 2 months? But we did indeed make it back ok, and we had a pretty good time. Day 1 - We left late, because of course we did. But, it's the first time I've ever driven through west TN north of 40. Turns out we have interstate-grade highways all over the place. Getting...
  19. Ronin

    What are you grateful for today?

    Having a place to come back to after a less than ideal summer.
  20. Ronin


    Made it safely through both Blanchard Springs Cavern and the Ozarks. Today is just driving. We’ll be taking a left turn at Albuquerque this evening. :)